Mineral feed

Naturally you have to provide good feed to your animals to ensure they are healthy and productive.

You need a carefully balanced feed high in energy and protein. But just like elite athletes that are at the top of their performance, your animals need extra supplements with the right proportions of minerals, trace elements, and vitamins.

Mineral feed for cattle

Lantmännen supplies cattle with various mineral feeds. A short summary is presented below:

EFFEKT Standard:

A granulated assortment, appropriate for all

EFFEKT Pellets: Mineral feed pellets
EFFEKT Mixa: When you prefer to mix the fodder yourself
EFFEKT Special: For cattle with special needs
EFFEKT Mineral tub:   For simple feeding of mineral feed
Mineral-Vicke: Smart solution for grazing cattle
Mg 33: Tasty magnesium supplement 

Mineral feed for sheep

Lantmännen supplies sheep with the following minerals:

  • EFFEKT Sheep mineral with copper.
  • EFFEKT Sheep mineral without copper.
  • EFFEKT Sheep tub


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