Konnect Milk replacers

Milk replacers are used for young animals, who for some reason cannot get enough mother's milk. They may be used when a farmer wants to deliver the milk to the dairy for better economy or as milk replacement for piglets and sheep when the mother for some reason cannot produce milk at all or does not produce enough.

 We have the following products in our assortment:

 For calves


  • Praiseworthy product for grow rates of 500-600g+/dag to weaning
  • Designed for use in bucket and ad lib-systems with agitator
  • Highly dissoluble


  • Formulated for grow rates of 650 g +/day to weaning
  • A high quality allrounder for high performing beef and diary systems
  • Encourage early solid feed intake
  • Designed for use in bucket and warm ad-lib systems


  • Formulated for growrates >800 g/dag
  • Frame growth
  • Ideal for feeding att high concentrations
  • Made from 100% milkprotein (CMP)
  • Suitable for all calf rearing system

If you want to know more about our uniqe sytem to rear calves without antibiotics please feel free to contact us.

 For piglets Pyret
 For lambs Pontus


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